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combined unit in semi-trailer version
Vacuum-HD-installatie op trekker/opleggercombinatie

Participation of the customer concerning: chassis of the lorry, capacity of the tanker, how to choose the materials, characteristics of the pump and so on.

Available versions: ADR or VLG, PED, SIR

Capacity of the tanker: 17.500 liters
Capacity of the HP tanker: 6.000 liters (rectangular tankers welded at the side of the vacuum tanker)
Material of the tanker: Stainless steel AISI316L (1.4404)
Diameter of the tanker: 1.800 mm

Vacuum pump: Water cooled pump 2.500 m³/h at 400 mbar
Compressor: 325m³/h without forward resistance, maximal operating pressure 2 bar
High-pressure pump: 333 l/min - 170 bar

Stationary engine built on the frame in a case
Electrical float-operated switch for maximal level
ADR sampling holes diameter 500 mm with drip tray
Hydraulic toggles, operated together with the venting of the tanker
Stainless steel level indication at the rear cover of the tanker
Cover pawl with pneumatic release
Nitrogen interface
Grounding control amplifier
High-pressure pump / Rear cover / High-pressure tanks on the side

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