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IPSAM Single-axle: 40E to 100E

Basic model :
Tanker with fixed central shaft.
Rotatable draw-eye
Hydraulic supporting leg with ball valve
Extended axle plate for axle adjustment
Axle: adjustable: 80x80 8-gauge (up to 62E) and 100x100 10-gauge (from 70E)
Hydraulic braking system + hand brake
Ø 600 mm manhole at the rear of the tanker
1 Ø 100 mm sight-glass
Peilglas over de gehele hoogte Ø 100mm
7-pin plug
Hose hooks on both sides of the tank
6" blind flange for further upgrade with a 6? side connection
Semi-automatic 6? side connection at the front left-hand side
Lights and bumper
Closed side protection on the left and right
6? hydraulic cut-off valve with large barrier chamber
Galvanized precision spreader
Jurop 10,000 litre pump - 1,000 revs./min (PNE102D) with safety devices
PTO shaft
Provision for mounting of lifting- and spreading system
Provision for mounting of 3rd hydraulic point
PVG certificate


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