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High-pressure installations
In a high-pressure installation the tank has to transport a large quantity of water which can be emptied on-site under high-pressure (1200 BAR). These applications can be found in the cleaning of tanks or heat exchangers, drains and sewers. These tanks are also used to humidify huge mounds of coal ore where water can be sprayed over a distance of 110 metres, or for fire engines. In this type of installations the flow rate of the high-pressure pump is more important than the high-pressure pump in itself.

Hereafter you will find some options we offer with regard to our high-pressure installations. For further information you can view some of our finished projects via our references.

Hydraulic swivel reel


Left- or right hinging.
May be blocked at any position, within its full operating radius, via the pneumatic claw brake.
Blocked during transport by means of a spring-controlled pin.


Winch control box


Control box is mounted against the frame of the swivel winch.


Filling via ejector


High-pressure tank is filled through the ejector.
The filling pipe is provided with two nozzles which are connected to the pressure pipe and the high-pressure pump.


High-pressure pump


Mechanically propelled via the cardan shaft via the transfer case.
Pressure is regulated by means of a pneumatic pressure regulator.




Installation is controlled by means of PLC-programming.
Wireless Remote control with emergency stop (functions to be determined by the client).




For access to a Ø 500 mm manhole with manual or pneumatic foldable railing.

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