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Vacuum installations
A vacuum installation consists of one or several tanks, which are filled by means of vacuum technique. This is used to, for example, collect hazardous or non-hazardous substances, to empty or clean different types of pits, to empty oil- and grease separators and to remove sludge. This technique can also be used to suck up (semi-) dry substances (e.g. sand or mud), in which case the substance actually ends up in the tank through compressed air conveyance.

Hereafter you will find some of the possibilities we offer with regard to vacuum installations. For further information you can view some of our finished projects via our references.

Pressure via compressor


Mounted on top of the vacuum or alongside the installation.
Hydraulically driven.


Suction/pressure with vacuum pump


By means of a pneumatic or manual four-way valve.
Choice of water ring pump or pallet pump.




Can be set to any desired position.
Can also be placed in a vertical position so that the gasses are emitted at +/- 6 metres above ground.




Installation is controlled by means of PLC-programming.
Remote control with emergency stop (functions to be determined by the client).


Suction chamber


Hydraulic rotating suction reel, installed on top of the vacuum tanker.
Hydraulic telescopic arm to position the suction hose.


Tipping tank


 Vacuum tanker can be put in a tipping position by means of the hydraulic front lift cylinder (tipping angle of +/- 45°).
Walkway with pneumatic or manually foldable railing in accordance with the safety regulations.


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