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IPSAM Technology is an innovative metal-engineering machinery construction plant. Within the Benelux, we are the market leaders in the construction of industrial refuse vehicles, manure transport solutions and innovative mobile machinery construction. We construct (mostly mobile) bespoke projects for exacting clients in the environmental-, industrial cleaning- and agricultural sectors. In our projects we integrate the latest vacuum- and pump technologies.

We strive to achieve the highest quality- and finishing standards for our clients which ensures that their investment works for them. Our pro-active and client-orientated approach ensures mutual long-term satisfaction. The modular construction allows for ease of maintenance once the project has been delivered. Delivery reliability is an important goal for us.

For our staff we create motivating and safe working conditions with interesting and varied assignments. Our staff members are given room for initiative and we listen to their ideas. Research and creativity are the basis for innovation.

We want to be a reliable partner for our suppliers with whom we build long-term relationships. We expect considerable client orientation from our suppliers as well as the very best of quality under reliable delivery terms.

Innovation and enterprise is our profession. Our style of leadership is based on a driven but human approach through which our staff members are given the responsibility and freedom in function of set goals.

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