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  Production process
Production process
Every project is started with detailed drawings of the design by the CAD engineers. They design the parts, draw the tanks and calculate the required specifications of e.g. pumps and drives.


The actual production starts in the pre-processing department where the parts are prepared and manufactured. Parallel to this a start is made on the rolling of the plate material out of which the tank is constructed. This is then welded to perfection by the welding robot.
Covers, manholes and sight-glassed are expertly installed.

Then, in the assembly department, the tank is assembled with pumps and other parts into one unit, always under the watchful eye of engineering. Any adjustments to the original concept in function of chassis- or technical modifications are immediately incorporated into the drawings.


Once the vehicle has been completely assembled, it is once again dismantled back to its components. The components are welded. Subsequently they are, together with the tank, professionally shot-blasted and then they are finally spray-painted in our own spray-paint plant in order to get its final colour according to the specific instructions of the client.


After the final assembly, the hydraulic and pneumatic connections are fitted. The electrical controls are built in our own specialize lab. Once the truck has been completely assembled it is put through a rigorous testing procedure in which nothing is left to chance.

Finally, we also take care of inspections so that the client, once the truck has been delivered, can go straight to work.

We have a professionally equipped work shop and a team of competent maintenance technicians for any periodic, preventative or restorative maintenance.

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