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The real "Super Sucker"
The real "Super Sucker" is designed for the heavy job! Click on the pictures for larger version. Main charateristics:

Tipping tank 45°, volume 12 m³ on a three axle truck or 19 m³ on a 4-axle truck. Stainless Steel grade 316, painted or polished.
4.100 m³/hr Liquid Ring vacuum pump with extra cooler
Full ADR compliant and certified by Authorised Organisation: flame arrestors, bursting disc, nitrogen connexion, protecting bars, ...
Hydraulic clamps and rear cover, clear control panel, tool boxes, hose racks
Working comfort and quality: Hydrojetting group with hose reel and gun, 1.000 litre water tank; all the piping in stainless steel; ladder; walking platform with protection bars; advertising panels; working lights; flashing lights, ...








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