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Van Laecke - de muynck

Capacity vacuum tanker: 12,000 litres
Tank material: Stainless steel AISI 304 (1,4301)
Tank diameter: 1,800 mm.
Capacity cooling/high-pressure water tank: 3,500 litres
Vacuum pump: water ring pump 2,800 m³/h at 400 mbar
High-pressure pump: 168 l/min - 250 bar
Compressor: 325 m³/h with clear passage
Large reel: equipped with an 80 metre sewer flushing hose
Small reel: suitable for a 60 metre high-pressure hose
Accessories a.o.:
   Telescopic bumper,
   Ø 500 mm ADR/VLG manhole with 6 clamps,
   Hydraulic valves, operation linked to tank ventilation.

Detail photographs 
Small reel


Manual hose guide 


Pneumatic tap locking 


Temperature measuring device


Telescopic bench vise

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